The Team

The seeds for our team were planted in 2009 when founder George Chmiel competed in his first ultra marathon: A 155-mile race through the Sahara Desert. George ran for the adventure, for the challenge and for a little girl named Luci. Luci Horvath was born in August of 2006 with a very rare and dangerous growth disorder called Panhypopituitarism. George ran across the Sahara Desert in an effort to raise funds to support the MAGIC Foundation, an organization devoted to helping thousands of families and children just like Luci.

Over the next 18 month, George went on to run ultra marathons across 4 continents and became the single biggest fundraiser in the organization’s 22 year history. George’s excitement for athletics and his passion for fundraising soon grew as other athletes were inspired by his efforts and the story of Luci.

Today, George has built a team of seven like minded endurance athletes to run with Luci and the MAGIC Foundation. This team competes in extreme endurance events around the world to help raise awareness and support for the MAGIC Foundation.

News & Events

  1. The Last Desert 155-Mile Ultramarathon


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