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A portrait of Boston banker at Merrill Lynch, George Chmiel, a participant in ‘Racing The Planet, Nepal, 2011′ who is running to support a family in Texas whose daughter is suffering from a chronic disorder that affects growth. The race is one of the greatest endurance tests in the world; the disease is one of medical science’s least known life-threatening problems.

George’s need to run is propelled by his need to help the daughter of his good friend Mike Horvath. George battles his physical and mental demons for a finite distance and period of time – 250km in 7 days – while the Horvath family’s battle is ongoing and unending.  As George puts it, his personal battle is in his head where the struggle is to “beat your brain”.  In The Sahara Race 2009 he was the first American to finish.  “Victory” for Mike is saving the life of his daughter, Luci.

Our film will intercut the drama of the Himalayan challenge with the challenges of the Horvath’s of Houston. It will be informed both by the science of Luci’s condition which is caused by an underdeveloped pituitary gland; by the controversial use of HGH which she needs daily to survive; and by the culture and geography of Nepal where the race will follow the course of traditional trade routes between China and India

Running With Luci Documentary Trailer

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