Luci’s Story

Mike and Jolie Horvath knew their lives had changed forever when Luci was born in August of 2006. Luci was their first child and post-birth tests quickly showed that she had some serious complications. Luci’s first weeks of life were spent in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit undergoing grueling tests, suffering from extremely low blood sugar and fighting to maintain a regular body temperature. After weeks of battling unknown illness and a series of meetings with doctors and endroconologists, Luci.

Luci’s pituitary gland does not function properly and because of that her body is deficient of adrenal hormone, thyroid hormone and growth hormone. Without these hormones, Luci’s body is unable to grow and develop like other children. Simple injuries, illnesses or even was finally diagnosed with panhypopituitarism. emotional stress can cause her body to shut down. When Luci crashes, she needs emergency injections to save her life. There are treatments for her condition, but there is no cure. This is a condition Luci and her parents will continue to battle for the rest of Luci’s life.

Luci has no days off. Luci, and thousands of other children like her, have to fight hard every day just to stay alive. It is her courage, spirit, strength and endurance that have inspired our team of athletes.

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