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March 11, 2011

​4th place today.  Strongest run of my life.  Came in well below 10 hours.  If I had 100 shots at this course no way I complete it a second quicker.  To our good friend upstairs – thanks for NOT ALLOWING me to walk today.  Many people who read this might not believe it or think I’m exaggerating but that wouldn’t be accurate and I don’t care.  My low battery notice hit my ipod with 25+km to go before even reaching checkpoint 5.  I got upset b/c that always means you get a couple more songs and then its dead.  We all know that to be fact.   I was really hurting then in the heat of the day and desperately needed it.  Yet somehow, someway it lasted over 3 more hours and was still playing when I crossed the finish line.  Wasn’t like I had it plugged in to some magic solar charger.  Something bigger was at work here and I know that was you upstairs keeping the beats rolling ensuring I didn’t quit.  It brought me to tears when the Braveheart theme played 5 miles from the finish and I realized what was going on.  We all love you and miss you lots.  Thanks for carrying me today.  Saturday we walk that grand ole American Flag across the finish line together. 

Highlight of the day – Broke the aforementioned “thoroughbred” 9 hours in with two miles to go in a dead sprint on a downhill without even acknowledging his presence.  No need to look back…he wasn’t going to be there.   My heart rate had to be in the 180’s for the last 15 minutes.  Can’t even begin to explain how good it felt to return the favor.   That move gave me a stranglehold on 4th place overall, which is absurd for a backyard athlete with terrible running form like myself.


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