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June 11, 2012

​I’d like to define today as a heavyweight slugfest but at 160lbs and losing weight rapidly by the hour that would be a complete fabrication.  Nevertheless I took some serious body blows out there.  The day started off miserably as I again failed to sleep last night.  I was weak, exhausted and had zero giddy up in the legs.  Quads full of lactic acid from burning it yesterday.  On top of that I took two solid falls in the first 6 miles….one head first into a thorn bush that sliced up my right forearm pretty good.  After that I was pretty dejected and competitors were passing me at will.  The terrain was very technical as we were climbing up and down steep canyons covered by loose rock.  It took a lot out of you.  I slipped all the way back from 4th to 12th position and was in danger of putting up a really bad number today.  Fortunately I relied on my experience (for a change) and kept telling myself it’s a long race and I’d break through this wall sooner or later. So no need to force it.  Right before CP2 around mile 12 a Roctane combined with Flock of Seagulls on the ipod got the juices flowing a little.  Legs started to loosen up and I started making a move.

Over the next 12 miles I managed to overtake six competitors.  The last 11k stretch home was a very steep 3k climb followed by a nice downhill into camp.   I chopped it out on the way up doing one minute running/thirty second walking intervals.  Then at the peak I told myself not to walk one more step until I crossed the line.  And I didn’t.  Came home bombing the downhill for 40 minutes straight and finishing strong.  So all in all I’ll call stage 2 a draw.

While today’s overall result was worse than yesterday I’m more proud of my effort considering I had my C- game and could’ve quit on the day because I sure as hell wanted to.  It’s funny no matter how many of these races you do they never get any easier.  I guess as time passes you forget about how much pain you’ve endured in the past and somehow expect it won’t reappear next time round.  But that couldn’t be further from the truth.  This is brutal.  And we’re only through two days.

At this point I’ll be relying on my inner strength and constantly reflecting on the cause at hand to get through the dark moments.  Its only going to get harder at this point.  But at least we’ve made a small dent now.  Again I can’t thank all of you enough for your support.  And I’m super pumped for The MAGIC Foundation fundraiser were hosting in Boston in late July so we can continue to advance the cause. 


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