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The Long March Awaits…

November 23, 2011

Today was a mental and physical thrashing.  Mikes left kneecap displacea (sp?) has flared up on him and he can no longer run.  It caused him and the team to have a very long and mentally challenging day.  He was visibly upset and frustrated for sometime but Jesse and I managed to talk him off the ledge.  He so wanted to run with us on the decline to make up time but was simply in too much pain and we didnt want him to push it.  Our goal remains to finish as a team and going overboard today couldve jeopardized that.  So today we walked up the steps for three hours and down the steps for four hours.  Reaching a peak altitude of around 10K.  It felt like a neverending death march.  Every step Mike took he winced in agony.  Its clear his spirit is unbreakable though.  And he will become one of around 150 people in the world to have achieved this life accomplishment.  So proud of his effort and his attitude and of course why he is putting his body and mind through this.  As I am of Jesse.  Jesse was a rock today.  But 75KM tomorrow is a big concern.  Matt Nelson from the endurance trust just taped his knee up for tomorrow.  Here's hoping it helps.

For me...I'm scared because something is going on with my body and Im not sure what it is.  This is different then what I was battling two days ago.  Without going into great detail...Ive been in the bathroom/woods/hay/outhouse/etc seven times in the last two hours.  The color resembles that of the rays which light our beautiful planet.  Im getting worse and I can feel the chills and sweats coming on. I cant keep anything down and have zero fluids or calories in my system.  Im easily down 15 pounds at this point and havent even eaten half the food in my pack.  So Im just giving it out to fellow competitors at this point bc it is useless.  Theyve started me on antibiotics but Im not sure how much thats gonna do as the long stage begins in 12 hours.  Really disappointed as Ive felt so strong since the middle of stage 2.  And were actually sleeping in a town called Birethanti in tea houses not tents.  So cool.  Theyve pretty much closed the town down for us.  Too bad we cant really enjoy it.

Tomorrow is going to hurt alot.  If we break mentally we'll never make it.  But its one day...and we know what were facing pales in comparison to the challenges that so many of you face on a daily basis.  You wont quit and nor will we.  All that matters is we make it across the finish line.  Somehow, Someway.

All I can ask is that while you enjoy your Thanksgiving birds tomorrow and cheer on the Detroit Lions please be sure to have a cold Coors Light for us and keep a good thought for our team.  This is going to take a gargantuan effort that will likely go from 7am till midnight or beyond the following night. 

Chmiel out...


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