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June 15, 2012

​Body definitely feeling the effects of the long stage today.  Ankle is very swollen.  Dr. Nancy diagnosed me with a left high ankle sprain and strained achilles and has it tightly wrapped in RWL blue for tomorrow. Cant put much weight on it at all. Thank God for the day off. Looks like I have a 1 minute 18 second lead over seventh position. Why does that always have to be the case? Was really hoping tomorrows stage would be a casual 9 mile stroll to the finish but that wouldnt be my style anyway. Gonna go out and do everything I can to hold onto the position but Johns been real strong this race and if the ankle becomes too painful Im shutting it down. No reason to risk major injury at this stage in the game.

Other than that all is great. Feel strong and healthy with no stomach issues.  Overall this race has been run very well and the cooler temps and tremendous medical care has kept the dropouts and camp illnesses to a minimum. Great sense of pride - our tent had all ten of us finish. Thats a huge accomplishment and speaks to the comraderie, support and growing friendships between us.  Id like to specifically recognize Tara Gaston, Sarah Lord and Geoff Heald for being absolute warriors and not giving up despite fighting through a number of injuries and foot problems over the course of the week.

Our camp today is set against a lush meadow of green sheep covered fields covered and amongst a number of billowing willow-esque trees.  Looks like a portrait of Sherwood forest.  Temperature is perfect and skies are clear.  Guess you could say today is my official one day of R&R on this trip with lots of napping, stretching, chilling and dreaming of eating anything non-prepackaged or dehydrated.  Would kill for a burger, a couple beers and a clean pair of shorts but we shall have to wait another 24 hours for that.

Just wanted to thank everyone one last time for your extraordinary support this week.  So above and beyond. I cant say or stress that enough. No matter what it is in life...I think its incredible to see so many people from so many different walks of life and situations united behind a single cause.  Theres nothing more powerful.  At the same time we can always work harder and we can always do more. I feel extremely blessed to be a part of this special family...The MAGIC Family...and I look forward to continuing to do my small part to help advance the mission on behalf of the families (you) into the future.


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