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March 11, 2011

Feels weird getting out of the tent this morning with no mission in place. No responsibility. No pressure. No fear of failure. No potential reward. I already miss the challenge of seeing how much my mind and body can endure and attempting to best my previous results. Then again Im not entirely insane and Id be lying if I didnt say how good it feels to have a day off to rest the legs. The last competitors just crossed the finish line a full 26 hours later. Talk about a long day....and an even longer night. The intense pain in their eyes mixed with that awesome feeling of perserverance and self-fulfillment as they cross the finish line is the spirit that defines these races...irregardless of time or where you finish in the rankings. Thats what we've all shared this week. Its about not giving up or giving in. So proud of my fellow competitors and thankful to the staff and volunteers. And Id be remiss if I didnt congratulate Anders on his second 4deserts victory. Hes a tremendous runner, a true champion and a classy and genuine individual. I couldnt be happier for him as he's battled as hard as anyone to come out on top and put up a very impressive overall time from an historical perspective. I look forward to competing with him again and narrowing the gap.

Rest of the day we'll be hanging around camp, trying to scavenge whatever food remains. My specialty. We're all famished and weak. We're all chaffed up. We all stink. Its an absolute bloodbath at the med tent. Some runners have blisters the size of golf balls. Yet there's a feeling of accomplishment and pride buzzing through the desert. We're pumped for the final 15kish run tomorrow and the big celebration at the finish line in San Pedro and the award ceremony tomorrow night. Not to mention as much food and booze as our hearts desire. Id like to say Ill be taking it easy on the final leg but thats just not my style. Ill be trying to win it. And despite missing the top three overall Ill be receiving an award tomorrow for winning my age bracket (top 3 overall dont count for age awards) which is a nice consolation. OBVIOUSLY theres no way I wouldve done it without all the support on here. While I havent responded to many of you directly Ive read and reread and reread the comments many times over as they were invaluable this week. Im very blessed to have so many people in my life who truly care. I cant thank each of you enough for keeping the wind at my sails this week. See you all soon!!!

Detroit Lions...2012 Super Bowl Champs!!! Or not...


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