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November 22, 2011

​“In the Warrior’s Code there’s no surrender…though the body says stop…the spirit cries NEVER” 

That quote sums up today’s epic team performance by Horvath, Bessett and yours truly.  Last night RWL hit rock bottom as not only did Travis end up calling it quits but so did Perna and Rich.   Perna had simply had enough and wasn’t having a lot of fun out there getting beaten up by the mountains considering how sick he was feeling.  Total bummer.  But he’s going to hang around for the rest of the week to support us and the film crew.  Very cool and much appreciated.  Rich ended up powering through the day in true Billygoat fashion finishing just before the cutoff time.  But his condition continued to worsen as the night progressed and his sickness was just too much.   He had a decision to either pull the plug and get a ride back to town or possibly have to wait two more days because of how remote today’s camp is.   Although it killed him he made the wise decision.  We all took these losses very hard as a piece of us is now gone.  But seeing three accomplished endurance athletes drop so early in the race puts the difficulty of these events in proper perspective.   Please send each of them your best as I’m sure they would appreciate any words of encouragement.   If only we could’ve all stayed healthy things would’ve turned out entirely different.  Unfortunately some things in life are simply out of your control.  Really hurts.

So Mike, Jesse and I woke up today and had to shake-off yesterday’s bitter ending and get to work.  Before us lied 22 miles of rolling hills on a jeep track, through jam packed towns and over bridge crossings and then a stupid 3 mile climb to the finish line that ended up taking us over two hours.  But FINALLY….we were able to get on the same page and do some damage together.  Jesse felt light years stronger today and was good with our consistent desert shuffle.  Mike was truly a warrior.  That’s all I can say about him.  A lesser man would’ve easily packed it in.  But despite feeling very weak and sick at times he continued to push hard on the flats and downhills and just kept plodding on the climb.  If there was any doubt of us getting this done earlier in the week it has since passed.  We are getting stronger and hopefully healthier as the week continues to progress.  We are finally starting to keep food and water down.  Heading into today we were two hours behind the German team and one hour behind the Irish team.  Not sure the final numbers but we smoked the Germans and held off the Irish until they got us right at the top of the final climb.  We are much better runners than they but I have to give them credit where it is due…these guys with their polls are monsters on the climbs.  To go straight uphill six hours into a long day with seemingly minimal effort is impressive.  But at least we are moving in the right direction.  There’s a long way to go in the race so you never know what will happen.  But I do know that barring some cataclysmic disaster the three of us will be finishing as a team.

For everyone that’s been following along and has been considering supporting our quest for Luci and the MAGIC families across the country I humbly ask you to support what we are doing here.  There’s no way these blogs can describe what each of us are putting ourselves through out here.  There’s a reason why only a few thousand people in the world have survived these races.  They are not for the faint of heart and there is zero room for doubt.  But our passion and the MAGIC cause continues to drive us.  Thanks to everyone who has reached out…it means the world to us.  Watching Jesse and Mike’s faces light up right now as they sit across from me reading their comments sums it all up perfectly. 

Tomorrow another monster awaits us.  A huge climb out of camp followed by the steepest and most treacherous descent on the course….much of it on slippery rock.  Keep us in your thoughts.  I’ll check back in with everyone tomorrow.  Thanks again!!!  RWL out…


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