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Rough Day

March 08, 2011

​Today hurt.  Physically, mentally and emotionally.  Im flat out drained right now and there are very few areas of my body that don’t throb.  Similar to how I felt after day 3 in Egypt.  But considering how weak I felt all day I’d have to say I’m pretty satisfied with the result of finishing seventh and maintaining third place.  Disappointed though.  Just can’t expect to hold these guys off with your B- game.  Nothing about today was enjoyable. The day started off poorly with another terrible night sleep (think I discovered the definition of deep tissue message is sleeping on golf ball sized rocks all night).   Got out of the tent late, back killing, scrambling with all my prerace exercises barely making it to the start by 8:00.   Then the course just pounded the hell out of me.  We had about 12 miles of running on salt flats (which are like sharp coral).  Some are hard and can roll your ankle easily and some are soft and you sink in.  Never know.  By the time I got through the flats I was physically beat up and every step hurt.  Top speed you can navigate these things in is about 3.5mph.  Then we faced a long climb through very soft sand in the heat of the day with a number of steep dunes.  I was absolutely zapped.  Did everything I could to just keep the legs moving and hang to fight another day as the thought of quitting must have went through my mind a couple hundred times today.  After being away for almost a year I forgot how difficult these races are.  To my Nepal boys – be prepared.  This is no joke.

Long story short I need some serious zzzz’sss and hopefully can rebound strong on day 4 like I did in Sahara.  Despite the swelling in my foot and the pain from already draining four toenails my biggest concern is my shoes are falling apart.  The sole on my right one is ripping off and will be undergoing a serious ducktape operation shortly.

Thanks again everyone for the love, laughs and motivation.   Short blog today as I barely have enough energy to sit-up straight.   Lets get em tomorrow…


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