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June 10, 2012

​Have to say Im pretty pumped with todays round.  Got off to a good start holing a 20-footer for bird on the first and sticking it tight on the third for a tap-in.  Got up and down from the thick stuff a couple times in the middle of the round to keep the momentum going.  And despite three-putting for bogey late (ala Phil Mickelson) when I took a bad step and got soaked in a river crossing I was able to make a few good strokes down the stretch and finish a strong 3rd for the day.

It was absolute pristine conditions out here.  Clear, cool, dry and very windy.  I went out like a freight training running my first two miles at a 6:30 pace.  I maintained the lead for about 5k until Vicente and Mo passed me on a climb. Those two are absolute freaks and will be virtually impossible to beat unless something goes wrong. I settled into a solid 7:30 pace for the majority until the last 7 miles where we turned into a brisk headwind.  I now understand why its the windiest desert on the planet.  Made the day a lot harder than it shouldve been.  Last three miles Anne Marie was bearing down on me hard so I had to keep the pedal down and barely held her off.  Shes tough. 

Overall Ive gotta be happy with my performance today.  The terrain was very rocky and you never know what can happen on day one.  Case and point my good friend Stephanie took a monster fall and is now blogging next to me with dried blood on her hands and knees.  The rocks definitely took its toll on the feet and ankle. Soles of my feet are very sore.  Little concerned about the ST5s making it through the week. Probably shouldve opted for a little more shoe. Otherwise I feel good physically and am ready for a much harder day tomorrow.

Todays day finished in the town of Tashpushka.  Again we were greeted by an overwhelming amount of local support at the finish. You have to wonder if these people really understand what were doing or not.  But it feels great. And tonight we get to share sleeping quarters with the locals as they have opened up their huts to us. 

Gameplan for tomorrow...more of the same.  Need to focus on running my own race and not push beyond my limits with the leaders and blow myself out.  If you hang around long enough you never know what can happen.  And either way...Ive positioned myself well for a spot on the podium.  Tomorrow will be very important.

Thanks again everyone...we havent received any comments yet but I want to thank all those of you who are following along.  Obviously miss and love you all. 


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