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On the Ground in San Pedro…

March 03, 2011

​So far so good.  Made it to northeast Chile with relative ease.  Havent lost my mind, my wallet or my luggage yet so thats a positive.  San Pedro is a gorgeous little town trapped in the middle of endless Atacama desert with expansive snowcap covered mountains and volcanoes in each direction.  Words dont do it justice.  Magnificient.  Town has that very cool southwest pueblo feel about it.  Surprisingly clean.  Everything is several paces slower.  Which is such a nice change from the northeast.   And despite sticking out like an obvious tourista the locales have been very accomodating and friendly.  Went out for a nice sunset five-miler to test my legs, the sand and the altitude.  It was much harder than it shouldve been.  Legs felt heavy.  As did my breathing.  Now i realize why most racers categorize this as the hardest 4deserts race.  The battle is on. 


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