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I need a Fosters…

April 27, 2010

​First off thanks so much everyone for the continued support.  The stories you've shared are nothing short of moving and it means so much to hear from the people you care about most when you're on the other side of the world absolutely killing yourself.  Partridge - Im officially going on the record and I promise the next vacation I take (which I know wont be for awhile!) will not be an extreme ultra 15000 miles from home.  Pool bar sounds like a better idea.

So today was another brutal day.  Managed to keep working my way up the leaderboard but my body is really breaking down and the heat is sapping all the strength I have left.  Whats been so hard about this race is that its been so technical and we really havent had much room to run at all.  Its just been up and down up and down extremely thick brush.  And you cant see the loose rocky footing underneath it so you have to go very slow.  And thats frustrating and demoralizing in this heat. Thought the 20 mile training runs at Blue Hills would condition me properly.  Way off base.  Not even close.

Took two really bad falls when I slipped at the waterfall cracking my wrist on the stone and another one when I rolled my ankle and fell into a tree trunk. As for my feet I've now lost four toenails and have more blisters than I can count.  Also have substantial chaffing on the neck, back and groin area.  Down at least five and maybe ten pounds already.  Also broke ipod #1 and my camera.  Other than that things are fantastic!

The Good News:  Outside of the top 10 runners I believe I'm as fast as anyone here. Maybe thats a stretch.  But we havent had a flat out race yet to prove it. The 100k long stage will take place mostly on the flats and hours can be made up with ease.  Pumped for that.  So my plan - survive the "Maze" tomorrow.  Im staring at it in the distance from camp.  Intimidating.  Two large mountains with a very narrow rocky passage in the middle.  Extremely technical with all the climbing and scavenging.  Camp will be airlifted in with no auto access.  They are calling it the hardest leg ever for an RTP event and its only 11 miles.  And my right wrist is pretty much useless so I need to be careful not to hurt myself going through there so I can live to sprint it out on Thursday.

Great job everyone with the fundraising efforts!!!  So exciting.  Its an amazing feeling to do something you love and help so many wonderful families at the same time.  Feel very blessed. Please pass along any Pens/Magic/Lions/BC updates if you have them. Dying for a sports fix prior to the long stage. 


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