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November 18, 2011

​Well...after 15 months of preparation the time is here. That statement alone is ABSURD!!! Still can't believe we managed to pull this off and get everyone out here to the start line. Pokhora is truly a special place. Feels mythical with the temples and the monks and the way the fog rolls in over the valley each day as if it's purpose is to protect the town from outsiders.

As exepected we've crammed more into the last week than I wouldve thought humanly possible. It's been surreal. From having dinner at the tallest bar in the seeing the bright lights of Las Vegas's aspiring kid brother racing it out with the auto-rickshawas in the streets of an incredible training run with Mike and Trav as we pushed hard to summit the tallest mountain in Hong Kong City an intense airport experience in Kathamandu where we basically missed our flight and had to be those American guys who forced themselves on after they finished boarding. That and so much more in between. Amazing to experience these magnificient places with a group of your best mates. 

I think its safe to say we all fell in love with Hong Kong. The people are the friendliest I have ever come across. They go way above and beyond to do everything they can to make your experience better and expect zero in return. The culture transcends time and the the action is everywhere. While construction is struggling in the states in China everywhere you turn another building or bridge or road is being built fast and furiously. 

Nervous energy is running rampant through the Fulbari right now as competitors scramble to make last minute adjustments to their packs and their gear and their calaroies. RacingThePlanet was awesome and gave us a priority check-in last night so that makes today alot less stressful. Nothing we can do to better prepare ourselves at this point in time then to drum up the ulta focus. Reality has sunk in for all of us. The time is now. The magnitude of this challenge is going to be extraordinary. Pre-race reports from some of the Sherpa is that the course is cold, wet and much of it will be unrunnable. This won't be a track meet. This will be an entirely different type of test. One where passion trumps logic. It will be a test of strength, toughness, heart and durability. Maintaining a consistent pace throughout will be key. 

So tomorrow morning RWL sets off on it's first of many adventures. We're going to leave it all on the line in the name of Luci and the thousands of children nationwide who are providing the fuel to keep our legs moving. I can't thank each and everyone of you enough for your amazing support!! We had an awesome team session last night going through the hundreds of pictures and reading the letters. THEY MEAN THE WOLRD TO US!!! Every single one of those messages will be joining us on the journey. 

So that's it...time to hit the course. I'll be checking in after day one. The last thing we want to do is look back to this exact moment in one week's time and have any regrets or say would've, should've could've. And I know we won't. We'll be leaving it all in the Himalayas.  Chmiel out...


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