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November 09, 2011

​As I finally get a moment to relax and reflect on what's been an extraordinary couple of weeks, couple of months...and for that matter an extraordinary couple of years...I'm plagued by a lot of questions and what-if's. What if I never blew out my wrist and fell into an unhealthy state of depression in 2007? What if Mike Horvath never interviewed for a position on the Structured Investments team? What if I never flew to Houston to run the marathon with him in 2008? What if I never ended up meeting Luci? And god forbid...what if she was lucky enough to be born with a properly functioning pituitary gland? What if I listened to everyone who was certain that running the Sahara desert was a bad idea? Or running Australia immediately after surgery? Or how bout if Mike, Mike, Rich, Jesse and Travis listened to everyone whose told them that they're certifiably insane in the last six months? Point's crazy how one small and potentially very unpopular decision can cause a massive chain reaction of events for years to come. And that choice can not only have material repercussions on your own life...but on the lives of so many others. When I look back at my ultra running experience there's only a few things I know to be fact. One - I know I'm not a great runner and no matter how hard I try or how many years I dedicate towards it that's just the way it is. Two - The MAGIC Family is one of a kind. There are so many great causes out there and so many people that need help. And who am I to say what cause is better than another or who needs the help more. But I know for a fact that the reason I'm still running ultras today and the reason I will still be pushing my limits in the future is because of the families and children I've met over the last few years. They have provided me with so much strength, so much inspiration and have single handedly made me want to become a better person. I can't think of another group of people that could even come close. And despite being a relative outsider without having a child with a growth disorder they've treated me like an adopted son. From my perspective that is beyond words and fuels me to work harder than I ever thought possible in hopes of leaving a lasting footprint on society. I can't thank each of you enough for your support, your friendship and your wisdom. I will always do my best to return the favor. Three - I'm so beyond proud of my six teammates...six guys who've made an incredibly selfless and brave decision to step WAY beyond their comfort zones and physical limits to attempt to do something that the average person considers impossible. Why is that so amazing? Because we're all just average Joe's. We're not elite runners. We're not full-time athletes. We're just people that care...people who refuse to accept failure...and people who prove that it is possible to do something perceived to be impossible if you want it bad enough. As I have witnessed the sacrifices my teammates have made over the last year I'm overwhelmed by a feeling of hope. Hope for our future, hope for our country, hope for our society and hope for mankind. RWL isn't a team of runners. It's a mindset and a philosophy. One that refuses to accept failure. And one that refuses to give up or give in despite the odds. As we depart for Nepal in the next couple of days there's no telling what will happen. Clearly there are factors beyond our control that will dictate the outcome of this monster challenge. But I have no doubt that my teammates will represent themselves with class as gentlemen and leave everything they are made of in the mountains. At the end of the day...what more could you ask for? I'm honored to be a part of it. And even more so...I'm proud to call these guys my brothers. Can't wait for an epic adventure in Nepal where the outcome is uncertain. But no matter what happens...we'll dust ourselves off afterwards and continue to fight for the MAGIC family.


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