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June 07, 2012

​Survived the beast across the Pacific and so far no major hiccups. Have to say I've been very impressed with how outgoing, cordial and respectful the Chinese have been in welcoming "that guy" to their country. Aimlessly meandering through the airport with that look of utter stupidity while carrying a large pack with sleeping bag and water bottles attached doesn't really help you blend in. But nevertheless were here, were ticketed to the final destination in Kashi and were moving forward. This is the part of the adventure where the nerves and anxiety peak out and you usually start looking for excuses to justify a poor performance b/c deep down (even though you hate to admit it) you're a litte scared. Will i go out too hard? Will the heat get me? Will my ankle flare up? Will I get sick? Will I get lost? Will the competiton eat my lunch? Well this race I'm not thinking any negative thoughts heading in. I know this is a very strong and deep field of talented runners. But im ready. And I'm gonna embrace that challenge and attack it head on. I've trained harder than ever before and have made certain sacrifices required to compete at a very high level. And I'm going to go out there with no regrets and push myself to the edge - harder and faster than ever before. And whatever happens happens. I specifically want to thank a few people who've played a major role in getting me prepped for Gobi. Matt Hart, Jason Fowler and Jenn Phelan - thanks for your time and for pushing me equally hard on the trails, the bike, and the reformer. Brian Ford - thx for being there in so many ways. Ben Brunt and Terra Giddings - thx for all your help on the backend and for just being great friends. To my awesome friends at Zico - thx for keeping the muscles lubricated and the gas tank full. Proud to be a part of your team. Mama Chim - thx for helping add some organization to the tornado at 14.5. And to everyone else whose contined to support me and The MAGIC Foundation my heart goes out to you and I can't thank you enough for your inspiration. It's you who I run for.


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