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50 down…100 to go

October 26, 2009

​Alright so Im sitting here laughing hysterically at nothing bc today was so absurd.  Maybe Im delirious...cleary Im depleted.  But I somehow gutted out another strong day coming in sixth beating a number of really strong runners and putting some distance on the peloton.  But today was so much harder, six miles longer and really took its toll on me and a number of competitors dropped out.  This whole race is so much more difficult than you couldve ever anticipated without prior experience.  Started off in the white desert surrounded by gorgeous rock formations carved from the wind, many resembling the shapes of animals.  We then got into some really really soft brown sand in a barren wasteland that seemed to go on forever.  No signs of life, just completely beating up your quads and calves.  At that point my ipod died (Hey Apple - official complaint from Egypt...thanks for Sahara proofing the latest nano!) and I thought I was toast with still ten to go.  My feet were killing me, shooting pains in my left quad, major open wound on my left neck from backpack chafing.  If it wasnt for all of your support I probably wouldve shut it down right there as at least five runners started to catch up to me.  But I gutted it to the final checkpoint, got out the backup ipod, refueled and told myself that theres no chance Im walking it in.  The next five or six miles was the most breathtaking view Ive ever seen my entire life.  Your talking about a perfect and untouched ocean of crystal white sand in every direction for as far as the eye can see with massive sand dunes in the distance.  Here I got into a great rhythm and pulled away from the guys behind me.  Then on mile 25 got to the dunes and realized I had to climb up and down six of them before making it to the finish.  Think crawl is the appropriate way to describe getting up these bad boys.  Almost fainted getting to the top of the first one but once I did I could see the finish line in the distance so I kept moving. Legs completely gave out on the third one and I fell almost sliding down the side of it losing my sunglasses and ripping my gaiters...much steeper than you would expect.  After surviving the dunes I pushed hard to the finish and kept those other runners comfortably behind me.

Damage to date:  This is where it gets good.  Legs feel like bricks, quads and calves are totally blown out and left knee is swollen.  Eight blisters (each toe on both feet excluding the big boys has now been popped).  Also two blood blisters.  Open wound on my left neck that Im having treated.  Little tired as well but other than that ok for the most part and stomach seems to be hanging in there.  All I know is that this is one week of torture and pales in comparison to the sacrifices the Horvaths and other MAGIC families make on a daily basis.  I keep that thought close to my vest as I realize Im fortunate to be healthy enough to attempt this feat.  And that couldnt be a bigger driving force.  Thanks to everyone for all the messages...couldnt do it without you.

God willing another good day tomorrow...apparently its much of the same. 


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