Brian Ford

I was taken back when George asked me to write about my life because he classified my tale as a success story.  You will not see my name in headlines, my picture on billboards or magazines, but I definitely have had an interesting road and one that…

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This is my body!  I can push it; Study it: Tweak it: Listen to it.  Everybody wants to know what I’m on.  What am I on?  I’m on my bike…

Lance Armstrong

Running with Luci

Running With Luci’s mission is simple: Our team of amateur endurance athletes is committed to raising money and awareness for The MAGIC Foundation by competing in extreme endurance events around the world.​

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Giving Back

The Magic Foundation

Major Aspects of Growth In Children (MAGIC) is made up of 25,000+ families whose children (and affected adults) have growth hormone deficiency or other medical conditions which affect their growth. While growth hormone deficiency is the most commonly known disorder it is not the most common cause of growth failure. We- the parents of MAGIC, fought to find answers for our children’s lack of growth. It was not an easy road. And because our children were finally diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency and a variety of other growth disorders, we are passionate about getting information “out there” for other parents. 

For more information, head over to The MAGIC Foundation’s site. You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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My Thoughts

The Day After

June 15, 2012

​Body definitely feeling the effects of the long stage today.  Ankle is very swollen.  Dr. Nancy diagnosed me with a left high ankle sprain and…

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June 15, 2012

​What an amazing day on so many levels.  The Long March is usually a mental chessmatch with a multitude of highs/lows and this one was…

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